Listening to clients over the past year highlighted that you want something different to courses. So, we can now offer you behavioural help with aggressive dogs, sensitive dogs, destructiveness, guarding and possession, fears and phobias,  separation anxiety, lunging and barking and much more. Working with 2 local behaviorists we can support all your concerns and help you set goals, together working with you and you dog to regain harmony and help you dog cope with tricky situations.

Carol Jones

Carol is warm and friendly person with a passion for working with people and their dogs. She prides herself of offering a return on your investment and gaining results for some very special dogs who get to work with her. Carol holds Diploma in Canine and Feline Training and Behaviour (Distinction) with COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) regulated by Ofqual and Certa. Carol is also qualified groomer (a Dog Grooming Level 2 Qualification validated by City and Guilds). Carol manages her personal development by attending various seminars, course and training centers each year to ensure she is ahead of her specialist field. Carol has 3 dogs and 2 cats of her own, her life wouldn't be complete without them!

Carol has assisted Lead the Way in our puppy classes and she also manages her own dog walking company in Norwich.

What can I expect from the sessions?

Option1 - A full behavioural consultation lasting up to 3 hours. A written report and any relevant advice sheets will be emailed to you within ten working days (unless posting is agreed instead). There will be up to 2 follow up consultations for up to an hour each, either by visit or phone call. This should take place within a six month period. £120

Option 2 - A short behavioural consultation lasting up to two hours with a follow up telephone conversation lasting up to 30 minutes within 3 months of the initial consultation. A brief report and any relevant advice sheets will be emailed to you (unless agreed otherwise) within ten working days (unless posting is agreed instead). £70

Option 3 - Up to 1 hour visit or telephone call with verbal advice. There will be no report or advice sheets. £25

​Additional sessions at £25 per hour may be arranged as appropriate.

Travel expenses may apply.
Contact us today to discuss all your options and to make a booking. email gemma@lead-theway.com or call 07970 772209