When can my puppy start classes after it's vaccinations?

Your puppy must have a course of two vaccinations. The first one is advised at 8 weeks old with the second booked for 12 weeks old puppy (both must be administered to work). 
One week after the second vaccination your puppy will be safe to mix with other dogs. If in doubt always speak with your vet for more information. (please note these are the guide lines for the UK).

 Proof of vaccinations must be brought to class on the first session.

What do I need to bring with me? 

Plenty of good treats and a toy (one that doesn't roll or squeak). Some puppies may be shy so bring a blanket from home to put them at ease.

Is there homework?

Yes, the more work you can do at home the better and faster you will progress with your dog. What you put in...you get out.

What if I'm ready now for training and don't want to wait for the classes to start?

If you and your dog are ready now for training, you don't need to wait for the classes to start you can get One on One training, simply call 07970 77 22 09 for details


What to do when the course finishes?

You have plenty of options speak with your instructor to find the best ones.

What are the details to make a payment?

Cheques can be made out to Lead The Way and posted to Gemma Margetson, 93 Meadow Way, Hellesdon, Norwich NR6 6XX.

BACS payments can be made to Sort code - 40-35-50  Account No - 91526715. When making a BACS transfer please ensure your name and dogs name is used in the reference.

Important note - Both deposit of £15.00 and completed registration form must be received to ensure you have secured your place on a course. Please ensure you call Gemma on 07970 77 22 09 before sending any payment to ensure there is a space available for your chosen class.

Diet; what's with all these food treats?

It's very important to factor in the amount of food rewards you give your dog when training, by deducting some food from their usual daily dinner will help keep your dog trim and not over fed. Make sure the food you use is not too salty or high in sugar and most importantly choose a food that your dog likes and will work for!